Haigh Inlets, Screens and Screenings Handling

The Haigh product range for Waste Water Inlets

ACE Screeners


Exceptionally efficient brush screens ideal for flows up to 50 l/s

ACE Bandscreen


High performance centreflow band screens for flows up to 300 l/s

ACE Pactor


The latest in reliable screening handling

ACE Inlet

Complete prefabricated inlet

Complete prefabricated systems up to 300 l/s

Lisep Unit

Liquid separator

Liquid separator de-watering and compacting unit.

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Flow Control & Gantries

Flow control

Valves, channeling and associated fabrications for flow control.

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ACE Gritter

ACE Gritter

Grit removal systems, traps, manual and automated.

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Macipump & Pipeliners


Fine particle maceration with integrated pumping as required.

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Tried and tested reliability

The 3rd Generation Haigh’s range of ACE Screeners® cover inlet flows from 0-100l/s and are designed specifically for use in waste water and sewage treatment works. Installation flexibility is a key attribute, allowing project designers to use an ACE Screener® in virtually any situation, including retrofit into existing civil structures, new build channels, or as pipeline sections.

Zero washwater

One of the great advantages of the ACE Screener® is that it requires no wash water whatsoever. Often the cost of potable or piped in water is not included in the whole life cost of an installation, when up to 70 tonnes of water are used by some competitor products per day. The capital cost of a Screener can soon be recovered.

Low volume screenings

Screenings are an unavoidable but unwanted by-product of sewage treatment so at Haigh we design our equipment to produce the minimum screenings residue by putting as much of the organic material back into the flow. The small amount left over is then dewatered, compressed and dried. The original screenings volume is reduced by 94% so bin and skip use and odour are considerably reduced.

High Screenings capture - 64%

highest in its class Capture is obtained by the 6mm perforated screen plate (we can also screen to 3 or 2mm) which is swept by the Lisab brush when the inflow reaches a set level up the screen. The screen collects solids over 6mm and transfers them to the ACE Pump.

Maximum organics returned to treatment

Organics removed from the flow are a problem so ACE Screeners® are designed to keep them there where they can improve downstream processes and limit residual solids to less than 5% of the original screened material. The resulting end product screenings are cleaner, with little smell and are easier to dispose of.

Low Headloss

Less than 100mm Haigh’s ACE Screener® has proven very low installed headloss making it ideally suited to Retrofits and Sites with hydraulic limitations.

Exceptional screenings capture ratio (SCR)

Testing at the National Screen Evaluation Facility by Thompson RPM recorded an impressive screenings capture ratio – 79% (5mm screening) and 94% (2mm screening) – which doesn’t notably degrade over time.

Flexible installation

Band Screen is ideal for concrete channel or pipeline installation to automatically remove solids from flow. It has shelves which continuously lifts solids to the top where they are discharged into a trough. This is achieved through a combination of wash water and the band rotating around its top sprocket.

Configurable screen plates

It is suitable for channels that have a maximum flow depth of 1m. Standard screen perforations are 2mm, 3mm and 6mm options.

Designed to be maintained in-situ

All of the key components that need to be inspected and maintained over the life of the equipment are designed to be able to be done so while the unit is still in place. No lifting is required to access any seals, bearings rollers or screen-plates, and the screen plates themselves can be individually replaced with Haigh's innovative system


The ACE Pactor 300 has been designed to process screenings from any inlet screen and can handle up to 8 l/s of launder wash water. Control is via ultrasonic level transducer ensuring the unit only runs when there is adequate screening material present, this results in short operating times and low whole life costs.


  • Large integral drainage deck able to deal with up to 8 l/s of launder wash water
  • Heavy duty auger with Hardox flights
  • Heavy duty bearing assembly providing exceptional support for the auger shaft preventing any loads being transferred to the drive motor gearbox
  • Hardox shearing plate on entry into compaction zone.
  • Compliant with WIMES 6.03
  • Robust stainless steel fabrication
  • All maintenance carried out in situ

ALL maintenance can be carried out in situ

  • Supports totex
  • Quick release drain deck tray with Bauer coupling connection
  • Hard wearing brush assembly
  • Optimised run times
  • Low operating costs.


  • Prefabricated offsite
  • True ‘plug and play’ concept
  • Minimal onsite requirements - launder connection, power and flat concrete plinth in most cases.

Complete packaged inlet works system

This package takes raw screenings from the screen launder flow and washes, separates the faecal matter and compacts the remaining screenings as a clean dry product ready for disposal.

Using the ACE package means the screenings are cleaner, has less odour and less volume – up to 95% volume reduction of wet screenings in some cases.

The modular design of our equipment allows it to be integrated into any site layout so you don’t have to compromise on existing operational dynamics.

This brings together the most efficient screening, conditioning and dewatering equipment in one integrated inlet.

You benefit from the complete unit being installed and pre-tested ready for a single delivery to site. This minimises the amount of site work required.

Like any of our packages, we’ll design the layout around you so that the prefabricated inlet package can simply be cut into existing pipelines.

A typical ACE inlet package includes ACE screens, automated stone and grit trap, Haigh's solids handling systems, flow control and electrical systems but we can work with you to work out what suits your requirements best.